22 March, 2011

A little about me

Well, this is more like a big "about me".

I think the above sentence concisely and depressingly sums up my sense of humour. If wit could be compared to a razor-sharp rapier, I think you may be able to compare me to a blunt club, fashioned out of dried mud and children's tears.

This website was set up by my younger brother Nathan, who has fancied himself as a bit of a Mark Zuckerberg character ever since his girlfriend told him to watch The Social Network, and insisted it was good. Nathan, being the jellied eel that he is, agreed with her point of view with the excitement and fervor befitting to a ADHD-suffering puppy overdosing on sugar and rainbows. He doesn't know I am updating this blog without his go-ahead, so marvel at this literary Adonis while you can. Before it gets swiftly and unceremoniously deleted. Along with my dreams of actually being funny.

If Nathan is Mark Zuckerberg, I suppose I would be the guy who doesn't do much unless he's told to, and then tries to take all the credit and money. I can't remember his name, but he was also dashingly handsome.

My job on this website is primarily as a writer, and editor. I will be updating with reviews, stories, and awe-inspiring witticisms when instructed to by my slightly-overbearing but understandably-exasperated brother.

Unless, god forbid, that I actually do something by myself without being coerced or duped into doing something productive with my life.

Oh shit, wait.

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